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Our Classes

We have many types of classes! There is something for everyone.


Heated Power Yoga

This heated, high energy class will get your heart rate up, your body sweating and completely rinsed.  A great workout. Stretching, flowing, & holding poses to come into your power. 




Restorative Candlelight

This class will flow through a slow vinyasa and focus on calming restorative asanas that will leave you feeling at peace and restful.






Gentle Flow

This non heated practice will guide you through your vinyasa at a gentle, controlled pace. You will be focusing on the speed of your breath and be encouraged to create a flow that is linked with your breath. In addition, there will be some extensive floor work that will allow time for the deepen of many postures. All levels welcomed and encouraged.


Bhakti Flow

Bhakti Flow is a dynamic Vinyasa flow practiced to Ujjayi rhythm, encouraging students to focus on deep pranayama, a powerful breath control. As we coordinate breath and movement, flowing through sequences designed to stimulate both the physical and energy bodies, we begin to understand and appreciate the true meaning and benefit of Vinyasa yoga.







This practice is a perfect compliment to the yang practice of power yoga. With the majority of postures taken on the floor, either seated or lying down, this class is available to every body. The focus in this class is holding postures for 3-5 minutes allowing time for the connective tissue (fascia) to soften and expand. The use of bolsters, blankets and blocks makes this practice accessible to even the most inflexible of bodies. Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice that will challenge you but leave you in a state of restfullness and peace.


Yoga Nidra

This guided meditation will create a sense of calm and peace in your mind and body. It is in the art of doing nothing that space is created to be your best self. Yoga nidra is also known as yoga sleep and can be used to decrease anxiety, depression and addiction. It also increases concentration, patience and productivety.










Mindful Living

Stuck in a rut? Don't know where to begin? Start here. This six week commitment will jump start you to a healthy way of living. You will learn healthy cooking and eating habits and how to navigate the grocery store. In addition, unlimited yoga, meditation, journaling, group discussion and support are included. Diets are not the answer. Creating a lifestyle that works for you.