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Meet the Teachers

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Meet the Centred team...


Elizabeth McCranie - Owner/Instructor

Elizabeth is the proud leader of the amazing Centred Team. She has studied under Baron Baptiste & completed Level I, Level II, Art of Assisting, Foundations, & Baron's Immersion. While the Baptiste style has been her main focus, Elizabeth continues to educate herself in other Yoga genres and is excited to have created a studio that meets the needs and is of service to the whole community. She has also studied under Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Eric Paskel, Dharma Mittra, Sianna Sherman and many others. Elizabeth is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Elizabeth has also studied at the Amrit Yoga Institute and is privledge to add Yoga Nidra to her yoga practice. This deep meditation practice will change your life.

Elizabeth had much resistance to the practice of Yin yoga however, after a deep immersion with Dennis and Kathy Lang, she realized that we all need more Yin in our lives. Elizabeth has added Yin to her personal practice and is beyond excited to add it to her schedule and share it with YOU! She has also discovered Bhakti, Devotional Yoga, to be a beautiful, almost dance like experience on the mat. With continued study in this area, Elizabeth continues to add to her instruction with a Bhakti class.

After practicing with Elizabeth, you will most certainly find space, clarity and a sense of awareness you did not know possible.

Elizabeth is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York City) and is a certified Health Coach. "Yoga has transformed my life. I look forward to creating a community and sharing my passion with others. Be well my friends."~me.




Dan McCranie - Owner/Instructor

As a successful business owner for over 20 years, Dan discovered yoga was a great way to find balance in his life. After attending Baron Baptiste's Art of Assisting, Dan began team teaching classes. In 2014 Dan completed his 200 hr teacher training and is a certified yoga instructor. He has studied under and been influenced by Shiva Rea, Kathryn Budig, Baron Baptiste, Eric Paskel and Sadie Nardini. You will find Dan's passion for music, rhythm and flow creates a peaceful and strong practice. His Bhakti Flow class is a Yoga ballet. His Power Vinyasa combines music, fun, challenge and inspiration. He will push you to be your best. Come see why they say "Yea Chair!!" in class.


















Claire Stott - Studio Manager

Claire was born and raised in California, and moved to Amelia Island back in 2018. Ever since then, she has loved living the island life and being only a short drive from the beach. In her free time, she loves to be with her two sweet rescue pups and family. She believes in the power of movement; how finding your “thing” is so incredibly important - whether that be running, dancing, swimming, weightlifting, yoga, etc. Or a combination of movements...because this yogi also lifts weights! Although Claire is fairly new to the yoga practice, she has found ways to incorporate it into her busy life every single day because of the numerous health benefits. At first, the yoga practice frustrated her because it was something she had to work on; growing up tall and inflexible seemed to pose a challenge for her, especially with some of the trickier poses. However, yoga is a constant learning opportunity, no matter how long you have been practicing. She finds the balance between both of her passions, weightlifting and yoga, to be like opposite ends of the same spectrum - the yin to the yang. She believes that taking health into her own hands now is extremely important, and will have an incredible payoff as she gets older. Claire loves how Centred on Yoga brings people from all walks of life together into a no-judgement zone, where you are free to practice how you do. She is immensely grateful to be a part of the upcoming 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, where she will be able to spread the love of yoga to others.


Allyson Neilson - Instructor

Allyson’s yoga journey began 16 years ago when she signed up for a six-week community yoga class. She really enjoyed yoga but being a single mother at the time did not allow for much time to commit to her yoga practice. Over the next several years, Allyson dabbled in yoga, trying different classes but still struggled to find time to commit to a regular practice. It wasn’t until a visit to a small studio in Florida in 2011, where she was introduced to a heated power vinyasa flow that Allyson got really serious about her yoga practice. In August of 2012, Allyson spent a week in the beautiful Catskills Mountains with Baron Baptiste and 180 other yogis to immerse herself in Baptiste’s Level 1 Teacher Training. From there she went on to complete her 200 hour teacher training with Portland Power Yoga in Portland, Maine. In November of 2013, Allyson partnered with her local YMCA in Rockport, Maine and opened the only heated yoga studio in the area. It was a huge hit in her community. Allyson loves the holistic nature of yoga. It truly is a mind, body, spirit experience for her. She feels blessed to teach yoga and hopes that people will feel much different in body, mind and spirit after participating in a yoga class. Allyson is also a certified personal trainer. She recently made Fernandina Beach her permanent residence and couldn't be happier! She shares her life with her husband, David, her children, Evan, Rebekah and Timothy and their sweet soul of a dog, Scotia.





Alison Sargent - Instructor

Alison moved to Fernandina Beach in 2018 from Washington DC with her husband and two daughters. Alison graduated from Duquesne University in 2008 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree. She practiced Physical Therapy in the hospital setting for 10 years before transitioning to becoming a stay at home mom. Alison has intermittently practiced yoga both at home and in studio for many years. Alison attended yoga classes at Centred prior to completing her training and loved the atmosphere and people that help create the Centred on yoga community. In the summer of 2020, Alison committed to learn more about yoga and completed her yoga teacher training at Centred on Yoga in August of 2020. Alison has completed the arm balance workshop with Kerry Armstrong. A lifelong learner, Alison loves to learn through reading and workshops.



Amy Bryan- Instructor

Amy is a native of Fernandina Beach and found yoga about 8 years ago. She had been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and was even unable to walk short distances and definitely could not touch her toes. Then Amy discovered yoga and never looked back. She was hooked from her first class at our local YMCA and eventually landed at her yoga home, Centred.

Amy is also an on line science teacher. She is widowed with two amazing step children. Through this very difficult time, yoga provided some respite for Amy to grieve this loss.

A graduate from Centred on Yoga 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, Amy feels yoga is truly a gift she wants to share with all she meets. Amy continues to enhance her love of yoga and learning by attending Wanderlust 3 years running, Kripalu, Amelia Island Wellness Festival and Canyon Ranch Yoga Retreats.

Amy has a passion for Power Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga and has found Yoga Nidra to be a beautiful aid to sleep.


Join Amy at Centred. She will guide you with her calming , yet strong voice. Her instruction is passionate, kind, strong and from her heart.


Irina Tyre - Instructor

Irina was born and raised in Russia and moved to the United States in 2006. Four years later in 2010 she proudly received my US citizenship. Irina and her family live in Yulee, Florida, a fast growing town that Irina is excited to share her love of yoga with and introduce them to this lifestyle. Irina took her first class of yoga in 2017 at Centred on Yoga and fell in love with the practice from the first stretch. During her early practice, she discovered that breathing techniques with body movement minimized exposure to everyday stress. She successfully completed the 200-hour teacher training in 2018 and is a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Irina is happy to share her fresh energy with her students. In her creative sequencing, she provides a safe space to cultivate peace and heal the body. Irina continues her education through workshops and training and focuses her time on creating unique and informative classes. Irina recently completed an intensive Yin Training that she hopes to share with her students. In her free time, Irina loves outdoor adventures and running. She actively participates in many of the half-marathon and endurance races. For relaxation, Irina enjoys gardening and seed planting to grow her favorite edibles all year round. Join Irina on her mat. She will leave you nourished, rinsed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.


May Norman - Instructor

May is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher who studied under Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmonds in July 2014. She spreads love, light and blessings one class at a time! May has been practicing yoga since 2006, when she took her first class at Coastal Carolina University. She majored in Art Studio concentrating on oil painting, photography, ceramics, and art history. After graduating from CCU in 2008 she moved to California as an Art Consultant. In 2009 she decided to make a home in Portland, Or an became even more interested in yoga, self-care and holistic healing. For the next 3 yrs, she learned a lot through working on a sustainable organic produce farm as well as at Whole Foods Market. In 2012, May moved from Oregon all the way to Cumberland Island, GA. She worked at Greyfield Inn for the next year and moved to Amelia Island in May 2013. In her free time, she enjoys being creative, going on seashell safaris, painting and making mixed media collages. She continues her independent study in Ayurveda, yoga, holistic healing, and sustainable biodynamic organic farming. One of her next goals is to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. "I am incredibly inspired to empower my community through the life changing benefits that yoga and meditation have to offer. So blessed to be apart of the Centred on Yoga family! Jai Bhagwan."



Bones Sauer - Instructor

Bones moved to Amelia Island from Miami in March 2020. She discovered Yoga on accident in September 2018 while working out at her local gym. At first she started taking Yoga classes at the gym because it felt like a great workout. Then, a close friend of hers invited her to a class at a Yoga studio where she realized there was so much more to Yoga than a workout. She slowly started growing a passion for the practice of Yoga and after moving to Amelia Island she got her 200 Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Centred on Yoga with Elizabeth McCrainie and also became a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Bones enjoys taking her practice off her mat and into the real world. When Bones isn't doing yoga she enjoys sewing, vegan baking and hanging out with her pups. Her goal is to share compassion through yoga and to continue growing as a yoga instructor.





Nicole York - Instructor

Nicole began her yoga journey in 2013 in Pensacola, Florida. The first class she ever took was called ‘Hot Yoga and Conditioning’ and though it felt like the toughest thing she’d ever done, she completely fell in love. Nicole graduated from the University of West Florida in 2015 with her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

With her curiosity and interest for both the human body and psychology, Nicole found yoga to be the ultimate path for a true mind-body connection. After graduation, life took Nicole to the west coast where she lived in Seattle for three years. During this time of transition, Nicole really committed to her practice. She made the leap and completed a 200 hour YTT in 2017. She moved to Amelia Island in 2018 and has loved being a part of this community.

When she’s not in the studio, Nicole enjoys jumping in the ocean, kayaking, mountain biking, finding the best craft beer and traveling with her husband and pup. For Nicole, yoga is the chance to move, meditate, sweat, escape; it’s the opportunity to be playful and a safe space to be herself. She hopes to always translate that through her teaching. Namaste.





Andrea Hatton - Instructor

Andrea has been a resident of Fernandina Beach for over 30 years and is an integral part of this beautiful community. Walking on the beach, reading and raising her three boys are just a few of her loves. Andrea discovered yoga accidently at our local YMCA and was immediately drawn to the practice. Raising boys can bring so much joy but also can be stressful and exhausting.

Andrea found that the practice of yoga helped to bring ease, patience and self love into her life and into the lives of others. This life changing practice has grown into a thirst for more knowledge and a quest to understand the physical and metaphysical experience of yoga.

Andrea completed her 200HR Teacher Training in March of 2020 at Centred on Yoga and is also certified through Yoga Alliance. After completing this training, Andrea completed Paul Grilley's 20 Hour Yin Certification in April 2020. Forever a student, her future goal is to become certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Trauma Center at JRI in hopes to help those suffering from complex trauma to find new pathways of healing.

Andrea is dedicated to her students. She gives her all to her classes and truly creates a safe space for students to explore, question and take ownership of their practice. Come take her class. You will leave grateful that you did.



Kim Simon - Instructor

Kim Simon earned her 200HR yoga certification at Centred on Yoga in March 2020. She is also a Registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance. Kim discovered yoga at a time when she was struggling with anxiety, grief, and increased lower back pain. After less than a handful of classes, she began the process of healing. Kim literally saw the "sign" she needed on Centred's door when she noticed the upcoming teacher training flier. Training was set to start only a few days later and Kim quickly immersed herself in the course at Centred, which she now considers a second home. She has since received training in Arm Balance with Kerry Armstrong and Chakras with Kathy and Dennis Lang. Kim is looking forward to sharing the gifts that the regular practice of yoga has given her both on and off of the mat. Kim is authentic, gentle in voice and strong in spirit. Come take a class with her.












Jayne Guinn - Instructor

Jayne discovered yoga as a way to incorporate stretching into her regular running routine. After taking classes regularly at the local YMCA she found herself at Centred on Yoga and fell in love with the people and the space. To her, yoga is more than a physical practice. It’s one thing she does where she truly feels in the moment. She had always wanted to complete a yoga teacher training and when Elizabeth asked her if she’d ever considered teaching she knew it was time to take that step. Jayne completed her 200 hour teacher training at Centred on Yoga in March of 2021 and has also taken a workshop on Yin yoga. In her free time she enjoys reading, running, being outside, and hanging out with her pup and two cats. Her goal is to share her passion for yoga with others and hopes to see you in the studio.